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Party Planning - Theme Party Ideas - 60's Theme Party Ideas

Party Resource Guide
Presented by Event & Wedding Planners

Back to the 60's!
Remember the Beatles? John Lennon Glasses and Hippie Wigs? Peace Signs and Afros? Woodstock & The Grateful Dead? Then play the music and have a great 60's party. Find all you need to bring back the memories.

Peace Now!
Remember the late 60's and bring back the music. Celebrate the time.

Hippie Chick Party Supplies 60's Party Items 60's Decorations 60's Tableware
Hippie Chick Party Supplies 60's Party Items 60's Decorations 60's Tableware



The key to pulling off a coordinated event: Evoke your theme throughout the affair. Whether that theme is as general as a season or a feeling, or as specific as a special flower, it should be the subtle thread that ties everything together. Your location, invitations, flowers, menu, cake, and favors should all cleverly reflect one common concept. Then, get as creative as you can!

Our party planners have found some wonderful items to help you set the mood for your 60s party, starting with invitations that will give your guests a sneak preview of your groovy plans. Rest assured that you'll have a funky full house! 

As an alternative, consider attaching a computer generated or hand written tag with all the details to a pair of sunglasses (must be hand delivered). Use your imagination! Use curling ribbon, satin ribbon, yarn or pipe cleaners to attach. 



You will find lots of great budget priced decorations, centerpieces, tableware, favors and more from the vendors listed on this page. Whether your party location is in a basement, a kitchen, a school gymnasium, or a Country Club here are a few party tips for pulling together your funky 60s or 70s look. 

Remember the the tops of your tables provide a very large surface area, covering them with a themed table cloth or a solid neon color table cloth and themed tableware is the fastest and most economical way to change the look and feel of your party area. For a 60's party, try a table cloth with a Neon Geometric pattern or Woodstock pattern the Psychedelic look is the key. Spandex tablecloths & chair covers are an excellent choice for a 60s theme too.

70's Neon Shoe Disco Centerpiece Retro 60's or 70's Centerpiece

For an original touch on your party table, create centerpieces like the ones shown above. A neon colored spike heeled shoe sitting on a record surrounded by a neon boa or place a cylinder vase on a record surrounded by a neon boa. Sprinkle confetti on the table for an additional touch. Tables were set with black satin floor length table cloths with neon satin overlays in lime, orange, hot pink & purple.

Decorate the room and take a ride back to the Hippie Generation with Peace Decorations .   

Add one or a few of the following touches to your table:

For an original touch on your party table, use a pink paint pen to draw random dots or squiggles on the handles of clear plastic cutlery. Tie the plastic flatware together with curling ribbon …big impact at a little price! 




Never did an occasion call for mood lighting more than a retro party does. To create an authentic psychedelic 60's mood in your home, or party location, start with a few light fixtures. The most popular? 

A Disco Ball or Rainbow Disco Ball is a retro party "must have". Use as a centerpiece, accent for a buffet table or hang from the center of your dance floor.

Black lights and MINI BLACK STROBE LIGHT are in demand, and the others provide great color and atmosphere, and can be added as needed according to your room size. Good lighting for your retro party takes care of a good portion of your decorating needs. These light fixtures will never go out of style, and are a great, but small, investment. You'll be able to use them at a future Halloween party, and any time the mood to dance in your living room strikes! Kids love them, and baby boomers will find themselves transported back in time. 

Every groovy party needs a Lava Lamps (available in antique shops). Add a floral ring of colorful daisies around the base to dress your lamp up for a formal event.



Divide your party into two areas. Have one designated as your "dance" area, and the other designated as your "food" area. Use a living room, family room, basement, or even garage as the dance floor. The disco area should be dimly lit, and your food area can be well lit, for guests wanting a break from the action.

Never underestimate the power of decorating with Balloons, as they can transform any size room into a cozy space in minutes at a very low cost. You need not use helium, and will save money using this tip. Inflate Groovy Balloons. Tie a 5-8 foot piece of Curling Ribbon to the end of each one. Using scotch tape, masking tape, or straight pins, hang balloons down from the ceiling so they hang at different lengths. Curl the loose end of the ribbon with scissors. 

Tie-dyeing was briefly very fashionable in the West in the late 1960s and early 1970s, as part of hippie style. You can get cheap muslin fabric, bedding (duvet or comforter) and tie dye them, as well as curtains, & etc to create a wonderful inexpensive room that fits the 60's period. If you are decorating a large area, garage, or sparsely decorated basement, drape tye-died fabric across ceilings or walls for a spectacular look.

Directions on how to tie-dye fabrics is available on the internet, a couple of my favorite links are:

How to Tie Dye - Complete Instructions

Easy Tie Dye



You shouldn't even consider hosting a 60's party without having plenty of authentic music on hand.

Without a doubt one of the most controversial eras in United States history, 1960s bands told stories of rebellion, social consciousness, love and other concerns of the day. The hard-hitting lyrics from legends including Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin and more gave our nation something to think about. However, the fun had not gone out of music in this decade. Many a 60s music bands delivered hit after hit of upbeat, catchy tunes that were loved the world over. The Beatles' "Love Me Do" and Herman's Hermits' "I'm Into Something Good" led the British invasion. Event planners like myself, love 1960s bands simply because they evoke so many feelings with the music they cover. From dance tunes to whimsical songs to political statements set to music, a 60s music band can make any event an enjoyable walk down memory lane.

For much of the 60's and 70's, the best way to get some of the hottest music was to order it from K-Tel through an "800" number, yes, I'm dating myself! Today, compilations of the best music from the 60's and 70's are plentiful and inexpensive.



Here are some totally groovy games and activities that will work for many different age groups.  Relax, get funky, and enjoy a few of these at your next Retro party!

Borrowing from the concept of the tried and true game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, we suggest a fun game of "Tape the Pick on the Guitar." Use a TYE DYE GUITAR INFLATE (12 PK), and cut guitar picks out of construction paper or use the real picks. Blindfold each participate as his/her turn arrives, spin, point in the right direction! For older kids, try a game of "Pin the Peace Sign on the Hippie." Same concept…a little more grown up. 

 If you weren't around to do the Hustle, the Bump and the Bus Stop the first time around, find a friend or neighbor who was and recruit him or her. Teach these popular and simple steps to your party guests and enjoy the fun!

Divide the guests into two equal teams. Create two starting lines with masking tape, and secure two GROOVY GUITAR INFLATABLE (12) in place about 10-15 yards away. Line the teams up with the disco wardrobe at the starting line. At the signal to begin, the first player on each team quickly dresses up, runs the course, and then returns the wardrobe to the next player. The first team to complete the course wins. A Disco wardrobe like: AFRO WIG, 6MM 48" HIPPIE BEADS, NEON PEACE SIGN GLASSES, PSYCHEDELIC FEDORA , PEACE SIGN BEADS& MORE will lead to some "hustling" to the finish line. 

Young girls will love to create "wreaths" for their hair using fresh daisies. Put a smile on their glowing faces, as you remember how much you enjoyed this as a child. 

Play volley ball, dodge ball or keep-away with an Inflatable Beach ball.

Re-runs of the best shows from the 60's and 70's are plentiful. Set your VCR to tape a few episodes of the Brady Bunch, Partridge Family, Gilligan's Island, and I Dream of Jeannie. Adults will love the opportunity to re-visit some of their favorites. Make a game of it with the adults. Tape 15-25 episodes of one show, and then see who can remember the outcome the fastest. Fast forward as soon as someone guesses, and keep track of points. The prize . . . the tape of course! 

Take some time creating memories to last forever with a great photo opportunity



  For food ideas, the field is wide open at your retro party! Go ahead and serve food that you WISH were served in the good old days. Feel free to showcase your own personal preferences, talents, and style. The only thing that wouldn't be appropriate for a retro theme would be a formal meal. No good china allowed here! 
  • Serve pizza, loaded hoagie sandwiches, a Mexican taco bar, appetizers - your options are unlimited!

Regardless of the ages of your guests, however, we do recommend that you include a theme cake on your desert menu. Try a Guitar Cake to bring big smiles.



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Set The Stage Retro Party Kit Deluxe Kit

Set The Stage Retro Party Kit Deluxe Kit

Giant Lighted Peace Sign Kit

Giant Lighted Peace Sign Kit

Retro Flashback Arch Each

Retro Flashback Arch Each

Retro Flashback Column Each

Retro Flashback Column Each

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