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Kid's Party Ideas - Games - Safari /Jungle Party Games

Party Resource Guide
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Safari and Jungle Party Games

So, you've decided on a jungle theme and now you've got to figure out how to keep all those little party goers busy. You can always go with an old favorite or try to change a game slightly to go along with the theme. Check out some of the game ideas below.


One of the oldest and most favorite games. But, it doesn't have to be a donkey. Change the donkey and the tail to match your theme!

Other Examples: Pin the tail on the zebra, monkey. Pin the banana in the monkey's hand. Pin the peanut in the elephants mouth & etc.

You get the idea. Then each child is blindfolded and gets a try at placing the tail as close as possible to where it supposed to go. The closest is the winner.


Played like Simon says. Get all the kids to stand at one end of your yard or large room. Then Simon (probably mom or dad) gives the crowd an order beginning with "Safari Hunter". Example: Safari Hunter says "jump up & down like a monkey" or "swing your arms like an elephants trunk" Then everyone does what Safari Hunter says. After a few of these you throw in an order without saying "Safari Hunter Says" and anyone who does it without Safari Hunter saying is out. Whoever follows only Safari Hunter's orders and is left at the end of the game wins!


"How low can you go?"- Always fun for kids of all ages! Set up a bamboo bar that can be raised or lowered, or have two people hold the bar. Play some music in the background and have everyone take a turn going under the bar. Everyone must go under the bar facing forward and leaning back! It is not that easy. The person who can go the lowest is the winner!


Played like Duck, Duck, Goose - Probably for the younger crowd. All the kids sit in a circle facing the center. Then one child walks around the outside of the circle and taps each child on the head (gently) and says "lion". This continues on until the child touches someone and says "zebra". Then the child who was called zebra jumps up and tries to tag the one who called them zebra before they can run all the way around the circle back to the open spot they left when they got up. Everyone's a winner.


Hire a balloon twister to provide balloon animals to guests.


Place a picture or a name of jungle animal on the back of everyone at the party. Then everyone takes turns asking others questions about who they may be (what's on there back). The only answer you can give is yes or no. The first one to figure out who or what they are is the winner.


Play like Hot Potato - Everyone sits in a circle and passes a toy alligator from one person to the next. Someone calls time or stops the music and the person left holding the alligator is out. Continue until there is only one person left.


Make Bingo cards but replace the numbers with Safari pictures. Animals, tents, snakes, jungle plants & etc.

Rules: Bingo is a widely popular game of chance played with picture cards and a means of marking them. The object is to completely mark a pattern of pictures before any other player is able to do so. Many times marking is done with "dabbers" but you can use any kind of marker if you want to reuse your cards.

Bingo cards: In this game each player receives a card with twenty-five squares in five horizontal rows. Twenty-four of the squares contain pictures. No pictures are repeated on a card. Each card has a different arrangement of pictures and contains a centre square marked "Free," which a player may consider as marked. Each players has one card.

Pictures: In this game the caller keeps one large picture of each picture on the cards and draws them one by one from a large bowl or large paper sack. The caller shows the picture drawn and the children mark out a picture as it is drawn.

Lion Face Craft
Your guests can make their own "pet" lions using our Lion Craft Pattern…

Elephant Tug of War
Which team's "Elephants" are stronger? Find out with a few rounds of Elephant Tug of War…

Flamingo Contest
Find out which team's "Flamingos" have the best balance with a Flamingo Contest…

Elephant's Peanut Relay
Be the first person to push a peanut over the finish line… using just your nose!

Hippos in Mud
Your guests will be as happy as hippos in mud if they get "stuck" when the music stops…

Animal Sounds Contest
This is one time when kids can growl, hiss, or roar… and win a prize for making noise!

Animal Safari
Send your guests on a make-believe safari in search of wild animals…

Kangaroo Hop Races
Your guests will have a hopping-good time competing in a Kangaroo Hop Race, or just following the Kangaroo Leader…

Tell Me if I'm Wrong
This is a great animal-themed circle game for younger children…

Printable Jungle Coloring Page
Your guests will love decorating our printable Jungle coloring page…





Five Little Monkeys, then adapt to Five Little Crocodiles.

Five Little Monkeys jumping on the bed.
( tap five finger puppets on palm of opposite hand)
One fell off and bumped his head.
(Take one finger puppet off, then hold head)
Mama called the doctor and the doctor said,
( hold phone by ear and dial in air )
No more Little Monkeys jumping on the bed.
( Shake finger saying no)

Repeat with 4 Little Monkeys
Repeat with 3 Little Monkeys......etc.

Another version of Five Little Monkeys (finger play) 

5 little monkeys up in a tree (show 5 fingers on one hand) 
Teasing a big crocodile, "You can't catch me, you can't catch me". 
Along came the big crocodile as mean as he could be (use other hand to make a mouth opening and shutting) And SNAP ("bite" off one of the fingers ) 

4 little monkeys up in a tree...etc

Down In The Jungle (chant) 

Begin by having children slap their hands on their knees and then clap them together to set the rhythm of the chant. 

Down in the jungle With the beat in your feet, Think of an animal That you'd like to meet. That you'd like to meet ________! (Call out a child's name and have them name a jungle animal) 

A (Monkey), A (Monkey) She wants to see a (Monkey)! 

Then have all of the children imitate a monkey. Keep repeating and naming different animals for the children to imitate and don't forget the growls, screeches, and roars! This is also great for large motor indoors on rainy days.


I'm A Lion (sung to tune of Three Blind Mice)

I'm a lion, I'm a lion
Hear me roar, hear me roar 
I love to sleep out in the sun 
And chase other animals just for fun 
In all the jungle I'm Number One, I'm a lion!


I Went to the Jungle One Day (sung to the tune: "London Bridge) 

I went to the jungle one day, jungle one day, jungle one day. 
I saw a lion on the way and this is what he said, "ROAR"! 
Keep adding other jungle animals and their sounds!




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