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Party Planning - Balloon Decorating Tips - Balloon Clouds

Party Resource Guide
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How to make a Balloon Cloud

Cloud Nine Balloon Displays are also known as Floating Clouds, they are one of the most popular balloon decorations for Weddings and Parties.

Groupings of Balloon Clouds (Three to Five) look fantastic above a table top, over a stage area or buffet table. Cloud displays can be made in 3, 4 or 5 clusters of balloon clouds, in an extensive range of balloon colors. Add table decor bows, ribbon or tulle swags and tiny hanging balloon bunches in matching colors.

Decorating Ideas:

  An entrance Cloud Balloon Display looks spectacular above a doorway entrance, or over a cake table.

Place 3 - 5 floating clouds above a table top, link the clouds together with ribbon or tulle netting.

Single standing clouds can be placed anywhere for accent.

One Cloud could be linked to a 4ft balloon spiral column, this free standing display can be placed at doorway entrances, at the side of tables or in corners of rooms.

If your venue has high ceilings, Balloon Clouds provide height and fill a large venue.

Cloud clusters are best created with a single color balloon, but can be grouped with clusters of other colors. A combination of 12" latex white balloons and crystal clear balloons make the most interesting clouds.

Cloud Displays can be color coordinated to your Occasion.


To make 3 Balloon Clouds, you will need:

  • Balloon Sizer (Fig. 1)
  • 27 -12" latex balloons
  • 10-15 lb. clear monofilament line (fishing line)
  • Helium Tank (optional) With the shortage of helium, or if your budget is tight, use non helium filled balloons. If you use air-filled balloons, a Plastic Balloon Inflator.
  • Balloon Weight (optional)


Sizing Balloons

It is important that all the balloons are blown up to the same size. An easy way to size the balloons is to make a template. Cut a round hole in a piece of poster, foam board or a box the size you want the balloons to be, and when inflating pass the balloon through the hole.

Step 1.

Tie a clear 10-15 lb monofilament line (fishing line) to helium-filled or non helium-filled, knotted 11" balloon. Allow a two foot tail. Determine length of longer line by measuring desired finished height, and then add one-foot of line for securing. If you are using helium-filled balloons temporarily secure bottom of line at your work area (table or chair back).


Step 2.

Tie two helium-filled or non helium-filled together at necks with one knot (all balloons should be inflated to same size for balance). Repeat this step to make a second pair.


Step 3.

Twist the balloon pairs together at the necks to create a cluster of four balloons.

Step 4.

Attach the single balloon in the center of the cluster by pulling the line and tail down through the intersection of the four balloons. Wrap both the long line and shorter tail together tightly around two opposite balloons in an alternating figure 8 pattern.

Step 5.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 to make a second cluster of four balloons. Pack second cluster of four balloons tightly under first group, and attach using only the longer line (not the tail) by again wrapping it around the balloon necks in alternating figure 8’s.

Step 6.

Using the line and tail, tightly tie off line and tail by making a knot under the bottom cluster. Trim tail to the knot.


Decorating Tips:

To attach ribbon, tulle or other decorative swags, slide ribbon into lower balloon cluster. Pull ribbon through and cut to desired length.


To create a canopy, first make the desired number of Balloon Clouds and position them where appropriate. For canopy groupings with a central cluster, use clear 16" balloons for the middle of the arrangement. Pre-measure the amount of ribbon or netting (or both) needed between clusters to create the desired swag effect. Feed ribbon through the lower balloons in each cluster, leaving about 1½ feet of ribbon tail to hang below each cluster. Then feed all ribbons to center cluster and let the ends drape through the middle. This completes the canopy arrangement.

For a ultimate design replace the Top Balloon with either a 16” balloon or a 3ft Balloon filled with 5” Balloons.

Securing Balloon Clouds can be done in several easy ways.

Helium-filled balloons are secured with monofilament lines anchored to the floor, a Balloon Weight or table.

To suspend air-filled Clouds, knot the filament around the bottom cluster and suspend the Cloud Cluster upside-down (single balloon pointing to the floor).

Get creative!



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 Link Clouds together with ribbon or tulle.


 Clusters are best created with a single color balloon, but can be grouped with clusters of other colors.


Experiment with different quantities of Cloud Clusters, colors and swags.


3 Helium-filled balloon clustered suspended over a tabletop.

Single Air-filled clouds clusters suspended from ceiling.

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